The Story of Marchwood Prelude

Marchwood Prelude is a community orchestra that was formed in 2009 and has grown to include more than 60 amateur musicians of all ages.

The music played by Marchwood Prelude is specially arranged by John Bell to accommodate a wide and varied range of instruments and abilities in Marchwood Prelude.

Marchwood Prelude has evolved from an off-shoot of Marchwood Orchestra. The Orchestra was formed over 30 years ago in St John’s Church in Marchwood, by a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians under the leadership of Reg Martin. Marchwood Prelude has become a confident self-contained organisation as part of the Marchwood Music Society.

The motto of Marchwood Prelude is “sharing the joy of music” and judging by the applause and smiles at Prelude concerts, this spirit is being effectively embraced by both audience and musicians!

Marchwood Sinfonia was a chamber orchestra that was formed in 2017, however it has not been active since the summer of 2023.

Saxophonous is a group of saxophone players from Prelude who perform at local charity events and enjoy playing a wide variety of musical styles under the muscial direction of John Bell. Saxophonous was formed in 2016.

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