About Marchwood Music Society

A very friendly and supportive society with strong links to the community and local schools that provides opportunities to enjoy sharing music with like-minded people.

Our Aims are:

  • To encourage players to develop their musical skills
  • To enable members to rehearse and perform together in an enjoyable and supportive environment
  • To enjoy music-making and social activities
  • To bring a range of music to audiences in Marchwood and elsewhere
  • To raise money for and promote awareness of various charities through concerts and other music-related activities

Marchwood Music Society is the umbrella organisation for several groups including:

                    Marchwood Preludecom 

...plays a range of musical genres using music that is specially arranged to meet the needs of players having different musical abilities and experiences

                Marchwood Sinfonia com   

    ...is a chamber orchestra that plays light classical music


...is a friendly group of saxophone players who perform at local charity events. The ensemble is a "spin-off" from Prelude and is led by John Bell. Saxophonous plays popular pieces from a wide musical genre, including jazz

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